171-MW Dudhkoshi-6 to be built in Solu

The 171-megawatt Dudhkoshi-6 Hydroelectricity Project is to be constructed at Khumbu Pasanglhamu rural municipality-3 in Solukhumbu.
The river-based project is being developed by the private sector’s Sagarmatha Hydropower.  The district is lately becoming a hub of hydropower projects.
 A diversion ware, under sluice, gravel trap, settling, basin, headrace pipe, headrace tunnel, surge tank and audit tunnel will be built as major structures under the project.
The project is capable of producing 984 Gigawatt annually. The route of approach road to the project will go along the Dudhkoshi river bank.  The net head of the project will be 367 meters. It will have an underground power house. The power to be generated from the project will be connected to the Nepal Electricity Authority’s Naya Khimti substation via the 63-kilometer 220 KV transmission line.
The total cost of the project is Rs 30.80 billion. The environmental impact assessment report of the project has been already prepared.  Releasing the report, the Ministry of Forestry and Environment has urged the relevant agencies or the residents of the affected zones for submissions.
 The project will have to acquire 8.3 hectares of land. During the project implementation phase, 550 will be directly employed. The project has allocated Rs 137.59 for the reduction of biological environmental impact.


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