22 rhinos, three tigers die in 11 months in Chitwan National Park

Altogether 109 wild animals including 22 one-horned rhinos and three tigers died in Chitwan National Park (CNP) in the past 11 months.

According to the CNP, 71 wild animals died of natural deaths including aging, illness and attacks from other animals.

Likewise, 26 animals died due to dogs’ attacks, two were electrocuted, one died from in-fighting, one due to poaching, one was swept away and the next one languished into quicksand, Information Officer at CNP Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said.

Similarly, the causes of death of two animals were not confirmed while three died of different other reasons. Of the dead rhinos, 13 were recovered in Nawalparasi and nine in Chitwan district.

Tiwari said that all three tigers in the CNP died of natural reasons. During that period, two elephants died in Chitwan National Park. The CNP said that 117 wild animals were rescued during the period.


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