37 electric buses imported from China stucked in garage from 3 months

37 electric buses purchased from China by Sajha Yatayat have been stucked in the garage from 3 months. The buses have been stucked due to lack of provision of charging station and parking place for bus while charging.

Out of the 40 buses brought by the Sajha Yatayat, 20 in Banepa and 17 in Bhaktapur are stucked.

About 610 million have been spent by Sajha to purchase these 40 electric buses from China.

These buses were made by a Chinese company named CHTC. The company has customised these buses to suit the demand of Nepali roads.

Sajha is successfully operating three electric buses in Kathmandu.

The stucked electric buses are a vivid example of how the government is still lax in promoting electric vehicles.


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