694 votes cast in President election until 1pm

Six hundred and ninety-four votes have been cast in the voting under the election for the President as of 1pm today.

Two hundred and eighty-five members of the Federal Parliament and 409 members of the provincial assemblies have cast their votes so far, the Office of the Election Officer said.

The voting had started from 10am and it will continue until 3pm today.

Nepali Congress senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel and CPN (UML) Vice-chair Subas Chandra Nembang are in the race for the third President of republic Nepal.

The Electoral College comprises the members of the Federal Parliament and Province Assemblies. There are a total of 882 eligible voters in the Federal Parliament (the House of Representatives and the National Assembly) and the Province Assembly (332 under the Federal Parliament and 550 under the Province Assembly).

The Federal Parliament has 79 weighted votes, and the Province Assembly 48. According to the constitution, no person shall be elected to the Office of President more than twice.


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