Actor Paul Shah acquitted of child sexual abuse charge, releasing tomorrow

Actor Purna Bikram Shah(Paul Shah) who is facing a rape case, has been acquitted by the Pokhara High Court on Sunday.

The joint bench of Judges Dilliraj Acharya and Sridhara Kumari Pudasaini gave the acquittal stating that the prosecution’s claim was not sufficient.

According to Shah’s lawyer Kamala Mohan Wagle, Shah has been cleared of all charges and will be released tomorrow.

Shah was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by District Court in Nawalpur on the charges of child sexual abuse and had asked to pay Rs 1 million to the survivor.

Both the government attorney and Paul Shah filed an appeal in the High Court against the decision.

A case was filed against Paul Shah in District Court Nawalpur and District Court Tanahun on the charge of sexually abusing and grooming a minor.

The Nawalpur District Court acquitted actor Paul Shah of a rape charge but convicted him of child sexual abuse. The Tanahun District Court has also acquitted actor Paul Shah of rape.

Paul is currently in Tanahun jail.


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