Actress Sharma wins ‘Best Actress’ award in TITAN Film Festival

Actress Reeccha Sharma has won the ‘Best Actress’ award from the film ‘Blood Money’ in Australia’s renowned ‘TITAN Film Festival’.

Receiving the award in the festival held at Sydney, actress Sharma expressed her gratitude, saying, “We feel happy when our work is appreciated. Women’s struggle has been presented in this film.”

Ashok Timilsina is the writer and director of the film. The film has already won ‘Best Film of the Year’ in ‘Old Film Carnival’ of Singapore, ‘White Pillar International Film Festival’, and Athvikvaruni International Film Festival.

Mithila Sharma, Ashok Timilsina, Saurabh Poudel, Paras Timilsina, and Biraj Parajuli have acted in the 28-minute-long film.


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