Adult rhino found dead in Chitwan National Park

An adult male rhino was found dead at Nawalpur area of the Chitwan National Park in Chitwan.

According to the CNP, the 20-year-old animal was found lifeless near the Sehari Post along the Amaltari area inside the park that lies in Nawalpur of Nawalparasi east of the Bardghat Susta.

According to CNP conservation officer and information officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, a patrol team on Wednesday morning noticed the lifeless body of the animal.  It might have been killed in a mutual fight. The horn and hooves of the animal are intact.

With this, the death toll of rhinos in the CNP in the current fiscal year has reached 13. Of the 13 deaths, two cases are related to poaching. According to the Rhino census-2077, CNP is home to 694 rhinos.


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