An Unusual visit at German Embassy Kathmandu

A very unusual visit was made this week on the German Embassy in Kathmandu.

Three young men from Germany who introduced themselves as “righteous strangers” knocked on the door of the German Embassy.

They had brought a centuries-old tradition from Germany to Nepal. The strangers, Eric Geldermans, Matthias Puhl, and Till Möllmann were carpenters “on the Walz”.

Such visits happen when craftspeople go on a journey after completing their professional training in order to get to know new places and new working techniques.

The righteous strangers travel for at least three years and one day in traditional work clothes and with only the bare necessities and are not allowed to enter their home town during the time of traveling.

The  Embassy team and the Ambassador of German to Nepal Dr. Thomas Prinz welcomed those carpenters to Nepal.

They also wished the carpenters all the best for their upcoming travels.

Similarly, The German Embassy in Nepal expressed their belief that regarding Nepal’s longstanding tradition and excellence in woodwork and carving, they will not only be able to expand their horizon but also their skills and abilities as craftsmen.



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