Anti-government demonstrations in China

In China, anti-government demonstrations have intensified. On Sunday night, thousands of people spontaneously gathered and demonstrated in the most affluent Han Zheng Street Square in the center of Wuhan. Meanwhile, the security personnel fired a few rounds.

The long blockade has made the people of Wuhan unbearable. People are said to have taken to the streets to end the current tragedy in Xinjiang.

On the 24th, a fire at a high-rise apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang, killed dozens of people, sparking nationwide protests.

On the evening of the 27th, thousands of people gathered spontaneously to demonstrate in the most affluent Han Zheng Street Square in the center of Wuhan. They were undaunted by the confrontation with thousands of police officers sent by the authorities, chanting and demanding. Lockdown and freedom were their demands.

The long-term blockade has made the people of Wuhan unbearable and the current tragedy in Xinjiang has fused, causing the angry public to suddenly erupt, the analysis points out.

At first, people in Wuhan spontaneously gathered in different communities, broke down walls, barricaded themselves and went out of communities. After that, they marched all the way, destroyed all the roads, and overcame all the communities they passed. As a result, more and more people gathered, and finally came to Han Zheng Street, and removed all the fences on Han Zheng Street.

A video posted by netizens showed a large crowd of people gathering at Han Zheng Street Square. Netizens estimated that thousands of people gathered here to demonstrate. The authorities sent hundreds of police officers, but they did not have the courage and could not subdue the angry crowd.


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