Application filed to include name of Arun Chaudhary in voters’ name-list

Five applications have been filed till the deadline determined to file objection to or make claim and counter-claim in the name-list of voters under the election to the post of President.

Assistant Election Officer, Amrita Sharma, told RSS that of the applications, four are for correcting the name and one is for including a name.

A deadline till 12:00 noon today was determined for registering objection to or making a claim in the name-list of voters. An application was filed to include the name of Arun Kumar Chaudhary, a lawmaker elected from Kailali-2.

According to the Office of the Election Officer, four applications were filed to correct the names. However, not a single application for claim and protest in the voters’ name-list was filed.

The final name-list of voters would be published at 12:00 noon on Friday after examining the applications. The election to the post of President is scheduled on March 9.


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