Archive Nepal: Best Photos of the Week

On Friday, we like you to take a look at the photos from an Facebook page ‘Archive Nepal’.

Archive Nepal is a organization whose mission is to encourage the understanding of Nepal’s rich history and culture by curating, digitizing, and improve access to digital resources. This page collects interesting and unseen historic images and shares them with its followers on the platform.

In fact, most of these images are rather rare or previously unseen by the public, as they depict people, places, and fascinating events from the past. For some of the images, the page also includes captions and explanations about the images, providing historical context and background information to quench your thirst for knowledge of the history.

So, if you’d love to see images posted by the Archive Nepal in this week, then make sure to scroll down below.

1) Agricultural Field In Kathmandu

Children playing in the flield which is being prepared for winter planting in 1972 at Kathmandu.

2) Maghe Sankranti Mela in 1967 at Devghat, Tanahu

Vast crowds of people gathered to ritually bathe for purification during the Devghat Mela, at the confluence where the Kali Gandaki and Seti Gandaki Rivers join to form the Narayani River during the annual Maghe Sankranti festival, the first day of the month of Magh.

3) Raute dance

Raute dance at Raute Camp in 2013

4)  Muktinath Temple 

Muktinath Temple ( One of the most sacred Hindu temles of Lord Vishnu) in the late 1800s- Early 1900s.

5) Gaine (Traveling minstrel) in 1966

A traditional musician (gaine) playing a sarangi-like instrument along the path to Bandipur, Tanahun in 1965.



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