Army Golfer Bhuwan Pudasaini committed suicide

Bhuwan Pudasaini, 42, a soldier of the Nepalese army, committed suicide by hanging himself in the barracks where he was working.

He committed suicide by hanging himself near the stairs of the first floor of the Tribhuvan Army Officers Golf Club building in Kathmandu Metropolitan City-8.

He is also a professional golf player of the Nepali Army.

Pudasaini made his professional golf debut at the Surya Nepal Challenge, the fourth event part of the Surya Nepal Golf Tour 2012–13. He was a caddy master and professional golfer at the Tribhuvan Army Officers Golf Club.

Military spokesman Narayan Silwal said that Pudasaini who was currently living in Tilganga, Vidur Municipality-5 of Nuwakot, was found hanging with a rope noose.

According to the Army, the body of Pudasaini has been kept at Maharajganj Teaching Hospital for post-mortem.




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