Bharatpur Metropolis provides 50 percent subsidy for fish farming

Bharatpur Metropolitan City has decided to provide 50 percent subsidy for fish farming. The subsidy goes for electricity tariffs under the Livestock Service Development Programme as approved by the metropolis for the current fiscal year.

The scheme aims to increase agricultural products as stated in the policy and programmes of the metropolis.

To avail the scheme, one can apply through its website or by contacting the agriculture division, said Meghraj Dhakal, chief of the agriculture and livestock promotion section at the metropolis.

Requirements for the programme are electricity bills, the payment receipt, the fish farm being registered with the respective ward office of metropolis, and electricity meter being registered under the name of the farm. Similarly, the farm should be listed at the metropolis or the service center.

Also, the metropolitan city has launched a programme under which a farmer gets Rs 3 in subsidy each in the production of one litre of milk.


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