Bipin Joshi Confirmed Hostage by Hamas, Says IDF

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) has confirmed that Bipin Joshi, a Nepali student, has been held hostage by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Joshi went missing in Israel during the armed attacks launched by Hamas on October 7.

The Embassy of Nepal in Tel Aviv issued a press release on Monday, stating that the IDF spokesperson confirmed Joshi’s captivity by the militant group. However, Joshi’s current condition and whereabouts remain unknown.

The Office of the Prime Minister of Israel previously claimed that Joshi was among 122 foreign nationals held captive by Hamas. Eylon Levy, spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, clarified that a Nepali citizen is among the captives held hostage by Hamas.

The surprise attack last month resulted in the tragic death of 10 Nepali students, who were in Israel under a ‘Learn and Earn Programme,’ and left four others injured. Joshi is one of the 17 Nepali students living at Kibbutz Alumim in southern Israel, near the Gaza Strip, who came under attack from the Islamist group.

The Nepali foreign ministry has assured Joshi’s family that diplomatic efforts are underway for his safe release. Despite these efforts, Joshi’s exact location and well-being remain uncertain.

In a meeting with Foreign Minister NP Saud, Joshi’s parents urged the government to take all necessary steps for their son’s safe return. Foreign Minister Saud assured them that the government is actively working to secure Joshi’s release. The situation is ongoing, and efforts to bring Bipin Joshi home safely continue.


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