CFHEC got the contract for the sixth package of Kathmandu–Terai Expressway

The Nepali Army has provided the contract for the sixth package of the Kathmandu-Terai-Madhesh expressway to the Chinese contractor company.

Earlier, Nepal Army had rejected the technical proposal of the same company.

China First Highway Engineering Company, which was not among the companies selected by the Nepal Army when the global tender was called for the sixth package, got the contract for the same package.

For the sixth package, the Army had submitted proposals calling for tender on June 1. 12 companies had called for tenders on that proposals.

The Nepal Army had passed the technical proposal of twelve companies whereas rejected seven companies. China First Highway Engineering Company was among the one whose technical proposal was rejected.

China First Highway Engineering Company filed a complaint with the Public Procurement Monitoring Office saying that its technical proposal was rejected.

After the company appealed to the Public Procurement Monitoring Office, the office sent instructions to the army to include him in the tender process.

Army on November 6 at 5 pm sent a letter to the companies regarding financial proposal opening.

The next day at 1 o’clock in the email sent by the army to the rest of the companies, it was informed that the same Chinese company, China First Highway Engineering Company, had been selected, which had given an appeal to Public Procurement Monitoring Office. The company was provided a Letter of Intent (LOI) on Friday.

The project director of the Kathmandu-Tarai-Madhesh expressway, Bikas Pokharel was transferred in the middle of the tender and Kamal Bikram Shah has taken responsibility in his place. Shah himself signed and gave the LOI to China First Highway Engineering Company.

Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Expressway is a Mega Highway Project prioritized, as a “National Pride Project” having strategic significance. It is under construction road connecting Kathmandu and Nijgadh in the southern Terai region of Nepal. The road is 72.5 kilometers (45.0 mi) long, of which, 55.5 kilometers (34.5 mi) is normal roads, 10.59 kilometers (6.58 mi) is a tunnel, and 6.41 kilometers (3.98 mi) bridge. The expressway is being constructed by Nepal Army, originally scheduled to be completed by September 2021.The new set target date for completion is 2024.



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