Chinese experts team arrives Nepal soon after Prachanda-led government formed

Just after a day when Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ led government formed , the Chinese experts team has arrived in Kathmandu.

Only on Monday, an 8-member cabinet was formed under the leadership of Prachanda.

The arrival of the expert team from China the day after the formation of the government under the leadership of the Prachanda has been seen with interest. Since China is also ruled by the Communist Party, it is natural that the rapid arrival of the Chinese team in Nepal is viewed with importance.

However, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal issued a statement informing about the team’s arrival in Nepal. According to the embassy, Chinese experts has come to Kathmandu to study and survey the feasibility of the Nepal-China international railway.

They arrived in Nepal to conduct a detailed study of the Kathmandu-Kerung railway. The work was stalled due to Covid.

The Chinese team will study the geological features, tunneling, earthquake risk, etc.

The Kerung-Kathmandu railway is one of the nine development projects proposed by Nepal with China to be built under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).


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