Corruption in the Chief Minister’s Office of Madhesh Province, corruption case against 10 people

An investigation has revealed corruption in the ambitious plan ‘Beti Padhau, Beti Bachau’, launched by the Chief Minister of Madhes Province (then Province 2) Lalbabu Raut. However, a case has been registered against the employees, except the chief minister and the ministers.

Spokesman Shyam Prasad Bhandari issued a press release and stated that there was a corruption of more than 10 crores 30 lakhs in the collusion of 10 people including the employees of the Chief Minister’s office and bicycle suppliers in the Beti Padhau Beti Bachau program.

The Chief Minister’s Office has spent about 29 crores on the purchase of 41,262 bicycles to distribute in four phases for girls of Class VIII in all the eight districts of the province.

On Wednesday, The Authority has filed a case against 10 people including the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers Office Janakpurdham State Secretary Yam Prasad Bhusal, CDE, Co-Accountant in a special court in Kathmandu.


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