Dedicated Express Bus Lane to Open on Constitution Day

In a move aimed at improving public transportation and easing traffic congestion, the Department of Roads (DoR) is preparing to launch a dedicated express bus lane connecting Surya Binayak in Bhaktapur to Ratna Park in Kathmandu. The grand inauguration is scheduled for Constitution Day this Wednesday.

The dedicated lane, designed to streamline the commute for commuters, is currently undergoing a vibrant red paint job with the assistance of five specialized machines. The DoR has set an ambitious goal to complete the lane painting process from Bhaktapur to Lainchaur within a mere two days.

Ishwari Datta Paneru, the spokesperson for the Department of Transport Management, disclosed that the initial phase of the express bus service will deploy 25 buses to serve the public. These buses are set to operate during peak hours, from 9 AM to 11 AM and again from 4 PM to 6 PM.

In a noteworthy development, during the designated bus service hours (9 AM – 11 AM), public vehicles will be permitted to traverse both directions on one-way streets, contributing to enhanced traffic flow.

However, to maintain the effectiveness of this dedicated lane, the DoR has instituted strict regulations. With the exception of ambulances, fire engines, and hearses, other vehicles will not be allowed to utilize the dedicated lane during the specified periods.

To enforce these regulations, traffic police have been authorized to take action against private vehicles found in violation of the dedicated bus lane during office hours. The move is expected to encourage the use of public transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and facilitate smoother travel for commuters within the Kathmandu Valley.


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