Deepak Manange elected unopposed as State Assembly member

Deepak Manange has been elected unopposed as a member of the Provincial Assembly from Manang.

Dorje Lama was nominated along with Rajeev Gurung, known as Deepak Manange, as a member of the Provincial Assembly from Manang’s state assembly election ‘B’.

Both Congress and UML did not register candidature in support of Manange. Manang had initially said that he would contest the election with the support of the ruling coalition. But before the nomination, UML also did not give candidacy after he said that he had left the alliance.

Independent candidate Dorje had submitted an application to withdraw his candidacy on Wednesday.

Manang’s chief election officer Uttam Siluwal informed that only Manang’s candidacy remains and after completing the process, he will be declared unopposed soon.

Manange was also an independent candidate in 2017. He won the election after supporting UML. Prithvi Subba Gurung made him the sports minister after the CPN dispute got complicated. After Prithvi Subba Gurung became the Chief Minister, he became the Sports Minister for the second time for a few days.

After Prithvi Subba Gurung’s government fell into a minority, Gurung supported the alliance. He succeeded in becoming the Minister of Youth and Sports in the Krishna Chandra Pokharel-led government formed with his support. Gurung is still the youth and sports minister of Gandaki province.

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