Deepsikha Stuck in South Korea Amidst Medicine Controversy

A controversy surrounding medicines has left CPN (Maoist Center) Central Member Ram Prasad Sapkota, also known as Deepsikha, stranded in South Korea as authorities investigate the issue.

The incident began when Deepsikha arrived at Incheon International Airport on August 10, carrying medicines without a prescription. South Korean authorities launched an investigation, leading to his detention at the immigration office. In an attempt to cooperate, Deepsikha voluntarily left the medicines at the airport but remains unable to leave South Korea until the investigation concludes.

Deepsikha has asserted that he brought the medicines, used for anxiety, at the request of Nepali Ambassador to South Korea, Jyoti Pyakurel.

In a recent press release, the Nepali Embassy in South Korea announced that the matter is nearing resolution, with all requested documents now submitted to customs officials.

Taking to social media, Deepsikha confirmed his predicament, explaining that he cannot return to Nepal until the customs office completes their verification process.

South Korea maintains strict regulations regarding the import of medicines, requiring doctor-prescribed documentation specifying the purpose of use. Additionally, narcotics-containing medication is strictly prohibited from import, even with a doctor’s prescription.

Embassies of several developed countries, including the United States and Japan, have previously cautioned their citizens about these stringent regulations on their official websites.


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