Dodhara-Chadani dry port: India opens access road up to Nepali border

Indian side has opened a track of access road for dry port up to Dodhara Chadani Municipality-1 of Kanchanpur.

The access road track has been opened up to Nepali border by cutting down around 2,000 trees in Indian territory for the dry port in Dodhara Chadani.

Mayor of Dodhara Chadani Municipality Kishor Limbu shared the Indian side has opened track of access road up to Nepal-India border from national highway based in bordering Chakkarpur market.

“The Indian side has opened access road track after cleaning up forest in its territory”, he informed, adding that opening track of the road leading to Nepali border has been completed towards India.

Track of four-lane access road having the length of around four kilometers has been opened which established connectivity between Chakarpur of Chambawat district of Uttarakhand, India and Nepali territory Gadigoth.

It may be noted that a contract amounting to two billion rupees was awarded six months ago for the construction of access road.

As per the contract, the construction of access road should be completed in one-and-a-half years of the signing.

With the opening of track, next task is the blacktopping of access road. The route would connect trade and transport service between Nepal and India.

Preparation is underway to establish dry port in Dodhara Chadani municipality-1. The dry port construction has been in publicity for the past two decades. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has observed the construction site on last February 13.

Also on the occasion, PM Dahal had expressed his commitment to sign a memorandum of understanding with India in a way to complete the dry port construction in three years.

Executive Director at Inter Model Transport Development Committee, Ashish Gajurel said India has agreed to construct all structures from dry port to integrated check post.

‘An understanding was already reached to develop the structures on behalf of India. The task of EIA is in the final stage’, he informed. Ground work is being made to sign AoU of the dry port in course of upcoming India visit of PM Dahal.

Around 280 bigha land of Mayapuri and Gaurishanker community forests would be used for the construction of the project.

A four-lane cemented bridge has been constructed over the Mahakali River for the dry port. Likewise, the construction of eight-kilometer-long access road from from Gaddachauki to Dodhara Chadani-1, Malayria Nala.

The construction of dry port in Dodhara Chadani would directly connect Sudurapschim with India for trade. In addition, it would facilitate easy access to Indian capital New Delhi and industrial city, Rudrapur.


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