DPM Shrestha Determination to Put Principles First, Even if It Means Losing Elections

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha expressed his assurance that the ongoing government investigation into the case of fake Bhutanese refugees would not be in vain. Speaking at the inaugural national gathering of Dalit people’s representatives at the local level in Kathmandu on Saturday, he emphasized that the investigation had been conducted independently and impartially, with progress being made in taking action against the perpetrators.

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha asserted that anyone found guilty of corruption and irregularities would face prosecution, regardless of their political affiliation. He made it clear that if any leaders from his own party, the CPN Maoist Center, were involved in corruption or irregularities scandals, he would not hesitate to take action. He firmly stated that when establishing good governance, party affiliations would not shield individuals from accountability.

Shrestha also emphasized the importance of fair transfers and promotions within the police administration and other sectors. He urged individuals not to exploit the system for personal gain and warned that strict action would be taken against both those who receive and provide such benefits.

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha further emphasized that those involved in any form of illicit monetary transactions, such as bribery, would face imprisonment. He reaffirmed his commitment to upholding fairness and constitutional values, stating that he would be willing to lose elections multiple times rather than compromise on these principles.


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