Dust from sugar industry creating health hazard

Dust from the Lubmini Sugar Industry at Sunwal in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta West) is impacting the health of local people, complained local residents.

Dust emnating from sugarcane crushers used by the industry and other harmful particles have been affected health of local people, said Bimala Aryal, mayor of Sunwal Municipality. The attention of the industry has been drawn to the situation, she said.

“Preparations are afoot to organise talks with the management team after our concerns have remained unheard so far. We have demanded that the industry should operate without affecting the local people and the environment,” she said.

The local people have been also affected in other various ways due to the industry. People’s mobility has been restricted, while dusts from the industry have been affecting crops, they complained.

Kush Subedi, the industry’s administrative chief, said the process to purchase the equipment to control dusts had moved ahead. “The problem will be resolved in a few days.”


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