Farmers unhappy with govt decision to scrap Cotton Development Board

Farmers of Banke and Bardiya district are worried after the government decided through the budget for coming fiscal year 2080/81 which is scrapping the Cotton Development Board, Khajura, Banke.

The farmers, who have been doing cotton farming for many years and are planning to do cotton farming this year too, are in uncertainty.

Shatish Niraula said, “It was unfortunate to have the decision of scrapping the Cotton Development Board through government’s policies and programmes, and budget.”

He mentioned that employment could be created by running yarn industry along with cotton utilizing the machines.

Hariram Tharu of Rapti Sonari, who is involved in cotton farming for the past few years, said he has been making a good income from cotton farming.

The Board has sold cotton worth Rs 30 million in the current fiscal year, 2079/80.

Board Chairperson Hemant Raj Kafle shared that necessary seeds and pesticide were already purchased by selecting 300 farmers for cotton farming because it is right time for cotton farming.

Kafle further said, “There is no stock of cotton in store. There is still demand. Farmers of Banke and Bardiya have been making good income from cotton farming. It was sad to scrap the Committee. The Board has Rs 100 million capital and it has begun to make income continuously in recent years.”

He mentioned the Board has not been able to supply cotton as per the demand, adding it had purchased 100 tonnes of cotton in the current fiscal year.

Biratnagar-based Yarn Industry purchases 15 metric tonnes of cotton every month from the facility.

All the cotton stored at Board’s depot since 2072 BS was sold last year, added Board. (RSS)


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