FIFA WC 2022 : Teams qualified for the Round of 16

The group stage matches for the FIFA World Cup are over and 16 countries have already qualified for Qatar 2022.

Reigning champions France, from Group D, were the first team to make the cut for the Round of 16 after winning their first two group games convincingly.

Now in the last 16, the Netherlands will compete with America.

England will compete against Senegal, Argentina against Australia, and Poland against France. Similarly, Croatia will play against Japan, Spain against Morocco, Brazil against South Korea, and Portugal against Switzerland.

The knockout stage matches will start on Saturday night. Today (Saturday) at 8:45 pm Netherlands and America and at 12:45 pm Argentina and Australia will compete with each other.

Teams qualified for the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup 2022

⦿ Group A: Netherlands, Senegal
⦿ Group B: England, USA
⦿ Group C: Argentina, Poland
⦿ Group D: France, Australia
⦿ Group E: Japan, Spain
⦿ Group F: Morocco, Croatia
⦿ Group G: Brazil, Switzerland
⦿ Group H: Portugal, South Korea



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