Filariasis getting eradicated in 13 years

Generally, the filariasis is eradicated in six years, but it has not been eradicated for 13 years in Baglung. The medicine should be taken for six times to stay away from filariasis.

With this, the 14th round of anti-filariasis campaign is beginning as the ultimate campaign against the filariasis.

It has been wondered why it took such a long time in Baglung to eliminate the disease while only six-time regular medication is enough for it. However, the campaign this time may be the last one.

Chief of Health Office, Prabin Sharma, informed that the sample collection for the fifth time also showed the traces of elephantiasis, thereby prompting the authority for final campaign.

Sharma said as only one person was detected with elephantiasis during the pre-sample test before the launch of 14th round of campaign, it would be the ultimate campaign to wipe out the disease.
Three sample tests of elephantiasis to be conducted after the operation of 14th mass medicine administration campaign should be successful to eliminate elephantiasis.

“Sample test is conducted after administrating medicine for five consecutive years. We found elephantiasis positive on more than two per cent till fifth-phase sample tests. But this disease was found positive on less than two percent population in sample test of sixth phase”, Sharma added.

Public Health Inspector at the Health Office, Laxmi Sharma, opined, “The virus of elephantiasis was found positive on 0.33 per cent in the sample test collected for sixth time in Baglung. So the mass medicine administration campaign has been launched making this year the last year to administer medicine against elephantiasis.”

She said 700 samples were tested this time and the virus was found only in one person. So, it is necessary to administer medicine to all.


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