Film artists trying luck in November 20 polls

Film artists are among the new faces trying their luck in the November 20 elections to the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly. They have contested in the polls. Among them is singer Komal Oli. Oli, the former member of the National Assembly, fielded her candidacy from the CPN (UML) for an HoR member in the elections from Dang constituency 3.

Actress Rekha Thapa has also contested Morang constituency 3 from the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. Thapa accompanied by her spouse Balaram Shahi, also a party cadre registered her candidacy nomination at the office of returning officer. Lately, she is much more active in politics. “This is my home district. Also, the party recommended me to contest in the polls from the district (Morang).”

Film director and critic Manoj Pandit has also tested his luck under the HoR from Kavrepalanchok 2 as an independent candidate. Having directed documentaries and movies like ‘Dasdhunga’, ‘Badhshala’ and ‘Grater Nepal’, he himself now involved in election activities since six months ago.

“Now, people have put their faith in independent candidates. So, I fielded my candidacy as an independent candidate,” he said.

Similarly, singer Sanjaya Shrestha has fielded his candidacy from Kathmandu constituency 6 as an independent candidate. “My candidacy is to carry out changes in the society,” he said.

Film producer and artist Madhu Kumar Shrestha has contested from Dhading constituency 1 for a member of the Province Assembly from the Nepali Congress. Similarly, comedy champion Himesh Pantha fielded his candidacy from Dhading constituency 1 from the Rashtriya Swatantra Party led by Ravi Lamichhane.

Film producer and artist Roj Rana has contested under the Province Assembly from Puythan constituency 1 (B) from the Nepali Congress. “The party believes in me. So, I took this opportunity,” he said.

Film artist, producer and distributor Karan Shrestha has also contested under the Province Assembly ‘B’ from Kathmandu constituency 1 from the Loktantrik Samajwadi Party Nepal. “My candidacy is to encourage youths to join politics. We must move forward for changes,” he said.

Also, Madhusudhan Pathak, popularly known as ‘Site Ba’ from the TV series ‘Sakkigo Ni’, also fielded candidacy for an HoR member from Kathmandu constituency 5 as an independent candidate.

Film artists having contested in the polls would have a positive impact on the entire film industry, and comedian Shiva Shankar Rijal expressed hope. “Parties should increase poll contestants from the entertainment industry not only as a tool for their publicity but also for genuinely delivering service to the people. This trend is a good start. It has encouraged me and my other friends to contest in the polls,” he said. (RSS)

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