Gagan Thapa Slams Resham Chaudhary’s Amnesty as a Betrayal of Justice

Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Gagan Kumar Thapa has voiced his criticism of the government’s decision to grant amnesty to Reshammalal Chaudhary, patron of the Nagarik Unmukti Party. Speaking at the regional conference of NC Lalitpur 2, Leader Thapa drew parallels between this amnesty and those issued during the autocratic monarchial system, emphasizing that such decisions run counter to the principles of a republic.

Thapa stated, “This is not the rule of a king. In a republic, there should be no whimsical rule; everything must adhere to the law in order to uphold the principles of the rule of law.” He further added, “It is unfortunate that the mockery of the rule of law is being made solely to prolong their stay in power.”

Moreover, Leader Thapa highlighted that he personally abided by the court’s order. The controversial amnesty was granted to Reshammalal Chaudhary on the occasion of Republic Day, with President Ramchandra Poudel overseeing the process. The amnesty extended to a total of 501 individuals.

Reshammalal Chaudhary, who had been serving a life sentence in relation to the Tikapur murder case, was released from jail earlier today. His conviction had been upheld by all three tiers of courts in Nepal.


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