Gold Prices Surge by Rs 800 per Tola

The price of gold experienced a significant escalation of Rs 800 per tola in the domestic market today, according to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association. The surge in prices has created a buzz among investors and consumers alike.

Fine gold, which was sold at Rs 111,000 per tola on Thursday, reached a new high of Rs 111,800 per tola on Friday.

Similarly, the price of standard gold witnessed a rise, with the current rate set at Rs 111,250 per tola, compared to Rs 110,450 per tola the previous day.

In addition to the gold market, the price of silver also experienced an upward trend. The price of silver rose by Rs 20 per tola, reaching Rs 1,425 per tola today, compared to Rs 1,405 per tola on Thursday. This increase in silver prices further adds to the volatility in the precious metals market.


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