Government committed to improve country’s economy: : PM Prachanda

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the government main agenda is sustainable economic development and strengthening of the economy of the country.

Inaugurating the integrated business after the merger of Global IME Bank and Bank of Kathmandu today, Prime Minister Prachanda said that even in the minimum common program of the government, sustainable economic development and strengthening of the economy has been kept forward as the main agenda.

He said that it is urgent to carry out result-oriented work in various sectors including the economy.

He said, “Understanding this need, we have decided to implement a balanced financial, industrial and monetary policy to make the economy dynamic and to objectively intensify cooperation and cooperation with the private sector to solve the problems seen in the economy.”

The Prime Minister claimed that the country’s economy will accelerate if the opportunities provided by the expansion and improvement of the banking sector can be properly utilized.

Emphasizing that the banking sector has a great role in making remittance transactions reliable and secure, the Prime Minister said that it is necessary for the banking sector to contribute not only to big projects but also in the areas of access to finance, financial literacy and self-employment by using the latest banking and financing products.


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