Government to launch eye test at school level

The government will launch an eye test at school level. Students will annually get an eye examination at their respective school, according to the National Eye Health Strategy (2079-2086 BS) published here by the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).

The strategy aims to expand eye care service to the community level by integrating it as main health service, and making it more quality, said the Ministry’s joint spokesperson Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari, adding that the strategy has been approved and implemented.

Eye health service will be incorporated in school’s health service, and an eye test conducted at schools every year, states the strategy. Under the strategy, programmes will be launched targeting people with low vision and blind people, and a regular eye test for senior citizens organised.

Similarly, awareness programmes relating to eye care, its regular test and treatment and eye donation at the health section at local levels will be launched.

The government will facilitate by providing required training on primary eye service to health workers working for health institutions at the local level.

Similarly, quotas of optometrists will be created and eye-related equipment made available at basic hospitals having 25 to 50 beds. For specialist eye service, required quotas will be created at the health institutions having 100 and above beds.

The policy, planning and monitoring division under the MoHP will be designated as the national liaison after forming a high level eye health committee. The government will gradually increase investment in eye health service, and health insurance will cover specialist eye service.


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