Government wholeheartedly involved in taking peace process to logical conclusion

Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the government has been involved wholeheartedly to take the peace process to the logical conclusion.

Inaugurating the two-day Community Radio National Conference began at Galchhi of Dhading from today, Minister Sharma opined that the remaining task of the peace process would be taken to logical conclusion by formulating laws related to transitional justice from this parliament session.

She expressed the belief that the task of transitional justice would reach to conclusion as the major political parties have already expressed written commitment for the same, adding although the legislation related to the peace process was tabled in the previous parliament session, it did not reach to conclusion.

Minister Sharma said the government has expected a positive role of media for the same. She further said that the cases of armed conflict era should be concluded remaining within the jurisdiction of the peace agreement and transitional justice rather than of general issue.

On a different note, Spokesperson of the government, Sharma mentioned the government is committed to balanced foreign policy with all friendly countries including neighbouring countries.

Stating that some responsible leaders used to give statements against a country’s interest in some context, she opined that the media should pay attention to such issues and put national interest in priority.

Media have a significant contribution in making political and social movements successful, said the Communications Minister, adding the role of FM radio is very significant to create awareness of the people of villages.

This power of the media should be involved in changing the living standard of the people, she mentioned.

Stating that many mother languages and traditional cultures are on the verge of disappearance in Nepal, Minister Sharma mentioned all media including community radio should lay emphasis on the production and broadcasting of programmes in mother languages of different communities.

There is a representative participation of community radios across the country in the conference organised by Radio Dhading with the support of UNESCO.


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