Government will deliver for democratic cause: UML Chair Oli

CPN (UML) Chair KP Sharma Oli has said that incumbent government is expected to contribute for protecting, promoting and strengthening democracy.

In his address to the very first session of the House of Representatives following the November 20 elections, the Chair of the ruling partner party said the government would stand in favour of nationality, integrity, people’s sovereignty and independence. As he assured, the government would make people sure that it was always against corruption and committed to zero-tolerance against it.

He was of the opinion that lawmakers should dedicate their whole term for the cause of the nation and people. “Our actions should be primarily founded on the democratic norms and values.”

As he said, the government has numerous challenges ahead such as preventing corruption, eliminating social discriminations and concluding the remaining task of the peace process. The leader added that government common minimum programmes would be coming soon.

The former Prime Minister said now the responsibility of reviving the nation economy was upon the shoulders of HoR members, he was confident that the government would secure a vote of confidence from the Parliament.


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