Jajarkot earthquake update: 16,570 houses completely damaged in Rukum West

Sixteen thousand five hundred and seventy houses have been completely destroyed due to the earthquake in the six local levels in Rukum West.

Chairman of the District Disaster Management Committee and Chief District Officer, Hari Prasad Panta, said that this number might increase as data collection is still underway in the district. Based on the data presented by the municipality mayors and the rural municipality chairpersons in the Committee meeting the highest number of houses have been damaged in Aathbiskot Municipality of the district.

It is stated that 7,148 houses have suffered complete damage in Aathbiskot Municipality, followed by 3,146 houses in Sanibheri Rural Municipality. Seven hundred and twenty-two houses in Sanibheri have been partially damaged by the Friday night tremor.

Similarly, 1987 houses were completely damaged and 4.374 houses were partly damaged in Chaurajahari Municipality while 2,300 houses have been completely destroyed and 3,500 partially damaged in Musikot Municipality.

Likewise, 1935 houses have been completely damaged and 1,258 houses partially damaged in Triveni Rural Municipality while 18 houses have suffered complete damage and 107 houses partial damage in Banfikot Rural Municipality, it is stated.



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