Jhalnath Khanal Issues Stern Warning to Former King Gyanendra Shah, Urges Halt to All Activities

Former Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal, esteemed leader of the CPN (Unified Socialist), has recently delivered a scathing criticism directed at the former king and the monarchy. In a press conference held today, Khanal expressed his deep concern and issued a stern warning to former king Gyanendra Shah, urging him to immediately cease all activities, including public appearances.

The backdrop of this statement can be traced back to the previous day when a group of royalists gathered and vociferously chanted slogans against Khanal. In response to this display of opposition, Khanal deemed it necessary to convene a press conference today, where he vehemently criticized former king Gyanendra Shah for his perceived actions and intentions.

During the press conference, Khanal said that a campaign, with the explicit aim of defaming the republic and undermining the leaders who valiantly fought for its establishment, has now been set in motion. He expressed deep concern over ongoing attempts to incite unrest within the country, and cautioned that such endeavors pose a grave threat to the stability and progress of the nation.

Furthermore, Khanal firmly asserted that unless the unruly behavior, particularly directed towards political parties, is effectively curbed, the former king will not be granted permission to conduct any public programs anywhere within the nation.


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