Lamichhane intensifying talks for becoming non-MP Home Minister

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane, who reacquired his Nepali citizenship on Sunday has again started running to become non-MP Home Minister of the nation.

Lamichhane had lost his four post after Supreme Court on Friday stripped his membership of the House of Representatives, concluding that he didn’t have the Nepali citizenship. He lost the post of MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Home Minister, and the presidency of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) because one needs to be a Nepali citizen to hold those positions.

However, on Sunday, Lamichhane resumed his race to become Home Minister as he reacquired his Nepali citizenship from the District Administration Office as per the court order.Hours after reclaiming his citizenship, Lamichhane was again appointed as the RSP president from the party’s central committee meeting.

A central member of RSP said that while Lamichhane met Prime Minister Prachanda on Sunday , he proposed Prime Minister to make him non-MP Home Minister for 6 months.

“Our party’s president has requested Prime Minister to play a role in reverting him in his old reponsibility.” The central member insisted that the ruling parties should also play a role in returning the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs, including the Deputy Prime Minister.

Similarly, the RSP’s central committee meeting held on Sunday had too drawn a conclusion that the party’s dominance in the Ministry of Home Affairs is maintained. After the meeting, the party’s spokesperson Mukul Dhakal had said that their party again should get the Home Ministry and accordingly, party’s president will communicate with other parties.

To create an atmosphere in his favor, Lamichhane had met UML Chair KP Sharma Oli on Sunday. He reached Balkot to meet Oli. It is said that in the meeting with Oli, he asked Oli to play a role in making him a non-MP minister.

Before Lamichhane met Prime Minister Prachanda, UML Chair KP Sharma Oli and Prachanda had held a meeting. During the meeting Oli also expressed his opinion to Prime Minister that Lamichhane can be returned to his old position. However, Prime Minister Prachanda was in the opinion that Lamichhane should not be returned to the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs along with the Deputy Prime Minister immediately.

Lamichhane stated to Oli that no matter what happens but he should return home ministry with the Deputy Prime Minister. It is said that he also gave a warning to the ruling parties that his party will leave the government if he does not return to the responsibility of the home minister along with the deputy prime minister.

However, Prime Minister Prachanda is of the opinion that it will not send a good message to return Lamichhane to his old responsibility as soon as he is relieved of the post as he is involved in serious issues related to citizenship and passport.


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