Law and order, security are basis of development and good governance: PM Deuba

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that Nepal Police has been dedicating itself to public security and service, as the closest ‘friend’ between the government and the people.

Addressing a program organized at the Police Headquarters, Naxal to mark the 67th Police Day today, he said the Police, dedicated to the security of the nation and citizens amidst various ups and downs, has made a significant achievement in maintaining law and order and security as well as in crime control front, which is worthy of feeling proud of by every Nepali.
“The dedication of the former office-bearers in the leadership position and the sacrifices of the martyr police personnel have played a major role for the Nepal Police’s reaching the present status,” PM Deuba said, adding that the Police force which carries with it a history of around seven decades has become successful in establishing itself as a professional, capable, disciplined and dutiful public servant coming to the present situation.

He reiterated that the government has been stressing on building a fear-free environment by maintaining law and order and peace security throughout the nation keeping the country’s internal and external security, protection of sovereignty and people’s security at the centre.

“Peace and security are the basis of development and construction, and good governance,” the Prime Minister said and praised the contribution of the police force dedicated selflessly to their duty day and night.

PM further said, “It is the police the people who are in distress first remember. It is the Nepal Police who is the friend and rescuer of the helpless, vulnerable, and victims of crime. It is the police the centre of faith of all the citizens.”

Stating that the role played by the police personnel and physicians remaining on the frontline for the rescue of citizens in any natural disaster and emergency from the 2015 mega-earthquake to the global COVID-19 pandemic is praiseworthy, he said the performance capacity of the Nepal Police is appreciated not only within the country but in foreign countries as well. It is the high professionalism shown by Nepal Police while discharging its duty that has won this accolade.

“The police personnel and officials have been deployed in the United Nations peacekeeping missions by internalizing Nepal’s commitment to international peace and security,” PM Deuba said, adding that the government is positive towards increasing the participation and representation of Nepal Police employees in the peacekeeping operations in the coming days.

He also directed that all the services of the police be made technology-friendly. “The present age is the age of information and technology. The effectiveness and efficiency of the organization has to be enhanced by equipping it with information and technology and making timely changes to the traditional system,” PM Deuba stressed.

Reiterating that it is the main responsibility of the police to control crime and conduct investigations, he said the law and order situation in the country would be consolidated only if the police sincerely fulfilled its responsibilities. The Prime Minister instructed the entire police rank and file to fulfill its duties and responsibilities sincerely and professionally without coming under anyone’s pressure or influence and using the rights given it by the existing laws. He said that he is informed of the police force’s dutifulness and its problems.

The Head-of-Government stated that the police have been demonstrating its excellent capacity in spite of the limited means and resources and expressed the belief that it can render better results if the police force is provided with means and resources and appropriate training.

He added that the government has been giving priority to modernization and strengthening of police and this would be continued in the coming days as well. Stating that all should pay attention to improving the career development of all employees of Nepal Police in a timely way and building an efficient police organisation, PM Deuba directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to make the required plans for this purpose.

Prime Minister Deuba praised the role of Nepal Police in conducting the local level election in a peaceful and fair environment and also expressed his confidence that it will not leave any stone unturned in making the upcoming House of Representatives and Province Assembly elections also in a free, fair and fear-free environment.

Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand praised roles of Nepal Police in saving lives of the country’s citizens since its inception, and during earthquakes, the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural disasters. “Police have reached out and help people in need. They have played important roles in saving lives of people despite limited resources.”

Stating that use of new technology in criminal activities has posed additional security challenges, he said the Ministry itself was effortful to increase efficiency of the police. “The government is at work to encourage and increase efficiency of the police, and make it easier for their families to live a life,” he said.

Inspector General of Police Dhiraj Pratap Singh said the Nepal’s Police role for security of the people and the nation, during COVID-19 pandemic and incidences of natural disasters had further increased its credibility.

Stating that the last local elections in the nation were held peacefully, he said the Nepal Police was committed to making all security arrangements required for conducting the elections to the House of Representatives and Province Assembly in an impartial and peaceful atmosphere.

Fugitives from abroad and hiding in Nepal were apprehended with the help of ‘Interpol’, he said, adding that the registration of incidences of offences last fiscal year was increased by 17 percent compared to the previous fiscal year, but the number of criminal cases was declined.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister awarded children of those police employees who attained martyrdom while on duty with ‘ Achyut-Meena Martyr Police Family Award and Fellowship’.

Likewise, Superintendent of Police Santosh Khadka (Nepal Police Special Bureau) was honoured with the ‘ Motilal Bohora Excellence Research Award’ while the ‘ Lifetime Achievement Award’ was conferred on former Additional Inspector General of Police Rajendra Bahadur Singh. The Province 1 Police Office, Biratnagar which was adjudged the best in the inter-province police performance assessment won the ‘ police baton’ award.

The Prime Minister launched the Police Darpan-2079 BS and presented the letter of recognition to the dependent families of martyr police. He laid a wreath on the Martyr Police Memorial. (RSS)


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