Lawmakers call for allowing peaceful demos while seeking rights

Lawmaker Ashok Kumar Rai today called attention of the government not to rein in when people organize peaceful demonstration demanding their rights.

Seeking time from the Speaker at the outset in the meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, Rai drew the attention of the government over the death of Lajehang Limbu (Padam Limboo) who was injured in course of the demonstrations held to protest the decision to name State 1 as the Koshi State. Limbu died in course of treatment.

He also called for putting to an end circumstances leading to such regrettable incidents, saying it is the fundamental right of the people to peacefully demand their rights. MP Rai urged the government to refrain from suppressing the peaceful protests.

Ramhari Khatiwada complained that the hospitals demanded a certain amount as deposit when treating any person injured in accident and there were many associated difficulties in this. He urged the government to make arrangements so that the treatment can be done easily. Khatiwada also called on the government to make the education and health services free.

Arun Kumar Chaudhary demanded with the government for immediately repairing the Karnali Chisapani bridge which remains as the gateway to the Sudurpaschim State as it was in a dilapidated condition with the nuts and bolts becoming loose and dropping due to rusting. He cautioned that the bridge was in such a condition that an untoward incident is likely anytime.

Prabhu Sah said there was a terror-like situation in the name of the 45 per cent commission that is given to anyone leading to the arrest of persons evading tax revenues. He called for checking such practices, saying the provision of 45 percent commission to the person leading to the arrest of a suspect in a case of revenue evasion was being misused.

PM and Council of Ministers are the President’s advisors

Meanwhile, speaking in the Special Time in the HoR meeting today, Raghuji Panta of the CPN (UML) said it is only the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers which is the President’s advisor.

He said the institution of the President should not be dragged into controversy and the Head-of-State only needed experts not advisors.

“The present practices and system should be made stronger. The matters on foreign affairs should be run on the basis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs alone. The President cannot appoint his foreign advisor which is not provided for by the law,” the former minister said.


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