Lawmakers call for enforcing laws formulated for Dalits rights

Various lawmakers have laid emphasis on the need of implementing the laws formulated for Dalit rights.

In a meeting of the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee under the National Assembly on Friday, they stressed the need for enforcing the laws to that end.
Lawmaker Bamdev Gautam demanded removal of reservation system arguing it imposes discrimination against Dalits in the long run.

Similarly, another lawmaker Jitendra Narayan Dev called for forming a joint committee of lawmakers to carry out a study to take stock whether or not the laws formulated for Dalit rights have been implemented.

Also speaking on the occasion, President of Legislative Management Committee, Dr Beduram Bhusal, President of Delegated Legislation and Government Assurance Committee, Maya Prasad Sharma and lawmakers—Nanda Chapai, Bhuwan Bahadur Sunar, Mahesh Kumar Mahara, Bimala Ghimire, Anita Devkota, among others stressed that the parliamentary committee should carry out regular monitoring of the implementation of laws related to Dalits.

Likewise, Chairperson of National Dalit Commission, Dev Raj Bishwokarma expressed concern for not bringing the Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act-2068 into effect. He also demanded amendment to the Act.
Thematic expert Hira Bishwokarma mentioned that although Dalits shared 13.8 per cent of total population, there is no proportional representation of Dalits in all sector.

Similarly, another thematic expert Padam Bishwokarma shared that there was no proper representation of Dalits in the state apparatuses due to existing electoral system.


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