Lawmakers call for strong measures to address economic woes

Lawmakers have stressed for taking new measures to troubleshoot the current problems seen in the country’s economy, while noting that the same old policies are insufficient to bring about good results.

Taking part in the discussion on principles and priorities of the Appropriation Bill in the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting today, the MPs said that the new budget should come up with the announcements to make economy robust.

Nepali Congress lawmaker Arjun Narsingh KC and lawmaker Krishna Kumar Shrestha said distributive budget should be completely stopped, austerity measures should be promoted in the unproductive sector and there should be zero-tolerance on corruption.

MP Dol Prasad Aryal argued for unity among all to address the economic challenges facing the country.

Likewise, MP Gyan Bahadur Shahi said the budget should bring programmes for free health care service, education and justice.

Shahi suggested that the state should focus on utilisation of tax paid by the taxpayers instead of adding woes to the taxpayers.
Similarly, lawmakers Anita Devi and Lalbir Chaudhary asked the government to promote consumption of agriculture goods, promote export and provide subsidies to the small farmers.

MPs Dipak Giri, Rupa Shoshi Chaudhary, Prem Suwal and Shashanka Koirala said that agriculture should the key priority of the budget and the agriculture land should not be allowed for building construction.

Also putting her views, MP Ranju Kumari Jha said the budget should focus on education, energy, health care, agriculture, youth and sports, and tourism sectors.

Likewise, Rajendra Rai viewed that infrastructure projects of health and education should be prioritised in the hilly and mountainous regions to control unmanaged migration in the country.

Most of the lawmakers have suggested that the government should focus on agriculture while making new budget and stated that the chemical fertilizer producing industry should be established in the country itself.


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