Laxmi Puja, Kukur Tihar being observed today

Laxmi puja and Kukur Tihar are being celebrated across the country on the third day of Yamapanchak.

Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, affluence and prosperity, will be worshiped today evening while Kukur Tihar is being observed by worshiping dogs on this day.

People clean their houses, decorate their homes with flowers and illuminate butter lamps to invite the goddess into their homes.

Meanwhile, Kukur Tihar, the festival of dogs, is being celebrated at every Hindu household today. Kukur Tihar is often observed on the second day of Yamapanchak of the Tihar festival. However, this year Laxmi Puja and Kukur Tihar are being observed on the same day, according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.

On the day of Laxmi puja, the bhailo troupes visit house to house in the neighborhood performing the bhailo cultural songs and dance. In return, the house-owners, specially mothers, give various presents like paddy, rice grain, flower garlands, money and ‘selroti’, a special delicacy cooked in ghee. It is believed the house-owner is bestowed with blessings from the goddess by presenting the donation to these bhailo troupes.

On the day of kukur Tihar, dogs are worshiped with people putting garlands around the necks of the canines and offering them delicious food.

This day is also called Narak Chaturdashi. People take holy dips in rivers and ponds at sunrise on this day in observance of the Narak Chaturdashi. After taking the holy bath, devotees light what is known as the Yamadeep facing it southwards.

This lamp is later released in rivers and there is a belief that by doing this one would not have to go to the Narak or hell after death.  Dog, which is said to have accompanied Dharmaraj Yudhisthir on his journey to heaven in the mythological grand epic Mahabharat, has a close relationship with mankind.


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