Lumbini Province Gears Up to Host 4th Laureates & Leaders for Children Summit in March

In an ambitious move, the Lumbini Province Government is set to host the prestigious 4th Laureates & Leaders for Children Summit in Lumbini during the second week of March. The summit aims to garner international commitment towards children’s welfare, sustainable development, and global peace, while also projecting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, as a messenger of peace to the world.

Government officials have already initiated discussions with development partners to ensure the success of the three-day summit. The event, incorporated into the province’s policies and programs for the fiscal year 2023/24, has received a dedicated budget to facilitate its smooth execution.

Minister for Home Affairs in the Lumbini Province Government, Santosh Kumar Pandey, affirmed that preliminary preparations for the summit have commenced. “The summit will see the participation of Nobel laureates and other national and international figures,” he stated, emphasizing the significant role it will play in promoting global recognition of Lumbini.

The summit’s central theme will revolve around children’s rights, with a focus on fostering peace, goodwill, and compassion. Suman Ghimire, secretary at the Office of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers, revealed that essential tasks such as selecting the venue, hotel bookings, and sending out invitations are already underway.

A 13-member high-level coordination committee, chaired by Chief Minister Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary, has been formed to ensure the event’s success. Treasurer of Lumbini Development Trust, Siddhi Charan Bhattarai, expressed the trust’s unwavering commitment to the summit, highlighting its importance with the participation of national and international figures, including Nobel Peace Prize winners.

The private sector, represented by Govinda Gyawali, president of the Lumbini Hotel Association, eagerly anticipates the summit. Gyawali emphasized the province’s readiness with quality hotels and infrastructure to accommodate high-profile visitors, foreseeing a significant role in promoting Lumbini on the global stage.

Ramu Joshi, executive chairman of Tourism Development Council Lumbini, disclosed plans to establish a dedicated secretariat in Lumbini after the Tihar festival to streamline preparations for the summit. The province is gearing up to showcase not only its cultural and historical significance but also its commitment to fostering a better future for children worldwide.


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