Meaningful participation of Dalits demanded

Leading activists from Dalit community have asked meaningful participation of Dalits in each and every apparatus of the state.

At an event organized here by Jagaran Media Centre on Thursday, Chairman of National Dalit Commission Devraj Bishwakarma emphasized on the need of equal participation of suppressed community in policy making levels for making just-based equitable society.

Likewise, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission Tapa Bahadur Magar said that implementation of related laws and acts was needed for economic, social and political developments of the Dalit community.

Also speaking at the event, Member of Social Welfare Council Astha KC said that the government should be serious to the concerns of the Dalit community while Centre’s Chairperson Kamala Bishwakarma called for effective implementation of existing policies for ensuring equal rights and participation of Dalit community in the state bodies.

In the recently-elected House of Representatives, a total of 16 lawmakers including one under the first-past-the-post electoral system have been elected out of 275 members.

Likewise, 28 lawmakers are elected in the province assemblies under the proportional representation system.


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