Minister Rijal assures of resolving entrepreneurs’ problems

Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Ramesh Rijal asserted that the government has highly prioritized resolving entrepreneurs’ problems.

Talking to journalists here today, Minister Rijal said that the government was working on salvaging the sick enterprises and industries.

“The entrepreneurs and business persons should not fret. The current problem would be resolved,” assured the Minister, sharing that the government was going to introduce various programs aimed at addressing entrepreneurs’ problems.

Stating that issues that are to be sorted out through the means of law will be dealt with accordingly , he reiterated that the government work in the interest of the entrepreneurs and was thoughtful about the industries going on the brink of shutdown and reaching out to the bank.

According to him, the financial liquidity bred the current economic issues and the liquidity crisis was emanated from COVID-19 pandemic and Russia and Ukraine conflict.

He shared that discussions were being held with the governor of the Nepal Rasta Bank at present to address the liquidity crunch and the government was working towards reducing the interest rate of the banks.

He told that the government was also mulling introducing a program to encourage entrepreneurs to set up industries and enterprises by providing them with the land.



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