Multiple Airports Unnecessary for Nepal, Says Tourism Minister

Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati expressed his viewpoint that numerous airports are unnecessary for a small country like Nepal. He conveyed this statement during a meeting of the International Relations and Tourism Committee under the Federal Parliament, which took place at Singha Durbar on Tuesday.

Minister Kirati further informed that the Council of Ministers will promptly pass a crucial bill concerning air flight safety, which will then be submitted to the Parliament. He urged the Members of Parliament to expedite its approval.

Additionally, Minister Kirati expressed his concern that he perceived the parliament and the government to be under the influence of external forces. He raised the issue that he felt constrained in his ministerial role, as it seemed to be controlled by others.

Minister Kirati emphasized the importance of empowering the parliament to enable them to accomplish meaningful actions. He stated that by strengthening the parliament, they could make a significant impact.


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