Myagdi reports 25 incidents of forest fire for lack of precipitation

Myagdi district witnessed at least 25 wildfire incidents with the winter season becoming hotter and drier, said the authorities. Unlike in the past, hilly and mountainous areas in the district are waiting for a snowfall and a rainfall this time, thus making the matter worse, said the district forest officer Chandra Mani Sapkota.

A fire has engulfed forests at six of eight wards in Annapurna Rural Municipality, he said, adding that most of the areas that are in flames, most of them not inhabited by humans, would receive a snowfall and a rainfall.

Wildfire has taken place in high belts of Dhawalagiri Rural Municipality. Other parts engulfed by a wildfire include Gurja, Mudi, Kuhine Mangale and Chimkhola area. Most parts of the forests have been in flames, said the district forest office. “At least 25 forest fire incidents have taken place. This has continued. Forests in the southern belt are being destroyed by a fire,” he said.

In the past, these areas were not prone to a fire as they would receive a snowfall and a rainfall during winter, he said, adding that “But, nowadays, forest fire incidents have taken place on a daily basis.”

Dryness has increased after there are not a rainfall and a snowfall since five months, he said. ‘So far, the potential areas did not receive a snowfall even once. Neither is there a rainfall. The soil is dry. There is no cold,” he said.


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