N. Korea fires ballistic missile towards East Sea

North Korea has launched an unspecified ballistic missile toward the East Sea on Wednesday, Yonhap News Agency reported citing South Korea’s military.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced the launch of North Korea’s ballistic missile, Yonhap News Agency reported. However, it did not reveal further details, pending an analysis. The launch of the ballistic missile comes at a time when the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is on a visit to Russia.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office said that North Korea has launched a suspected ballistic missile.

In a post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Japanese Prime Minister’s office in a statement said, “North Korea has launched a suspected ballistic missile. More updates to follow.”

Japanese PM Fumio Kishida ordered authorities to make efforts to gather, analyse and provide adequate information. He said that the authorities should ensure the safety of aircraft, vessels and other assets.

He directed officials to take all the measures for precaution, including readiness for contingencies. In a post on X, the Japanese PM’s Office said, “Dedicate maximum effort to gather and analyze information, and provide the public speedy and adequate information. Ensure the safety of aircraft, vessels, and other assets. Take all possible measures for precaution, including readiness for contingencies.”

On September 3, North Korea announced that it carried out a simulated “tactical nuclear attack” drill on Saturday, Al Jazeera reported citing the state news agency KCNA. The drill was carried out with two long-range missiles equipped with mock atomic warheads.

According to the KCNA news agency, the practice was conducted early Saturday to “warn enemies” that the country would be prepared in the event of nuclear war. With the tactical drill, North Korea laid emphasis on strengthening military deterrence against South Korea and the United States.

Pyongyang has carried out a succession of missile tests and military manoeuvres in recent weeks. This time for the tactical drill, the two cruise missiles carrying mock nuclear warheads were fired towards the West Sea off the peninsula, Al Jazeera reported. It flew 1,500km (930 miles) at a preset altitude of 150 metres, according to state news agency KCNA.

It happened only days after the Ulchi Freedom Shield joint annual summertime exercises between South Korea and the United States ended on Thursday following an 11-day run that included air drills with B-1B bombers. North Korea has criticised the drills as a dress rehearsal for war. Earlier on August 30, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles.


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