NC-Maoist agreement behind republic and constitution: Chair Dahal

Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Centre), Pushpa Kamal Dahal, ‘Prachanda’ asserted that the establishment of a republic and promulgation of a new constitution in the country were possible due to agreement between sickle and hammer crossed (election symbol of Maoist Centre) and tree (election symbol of Nepali Congress).

Both parties are part of four parties in the current ruling coalition. Dahal expressed so at a program organized at Palungtar Municipality today morning in course of his election campaign.

Leader Dahal, who is contesting for the House of Representatives member from Gorkha constituency no 2 in the November 20 parliamentary elections, said that now NC cadres and leaders should not hesitate to cast their vote for CPN (Maoist Centre) while his party cadres and leaders should not hesitate to vote for the NC.

Dahal, also the former prime minister, observed that just the way republic and constitution was possible when his party and NC came together, development and prosperity would be easier to realize if two parties worked together.

“Although there is political change, economic prosperity has remained remote,” he regretted, adding that the ruling coalition leaders had already acknowledged that they should spearhead economic revolution and protection of political changes.

Furthermore, he shared that he had a plan to operate again the Palungtar Airport that long has been inoperative. “The airport reoperation process will begin following the election,” the septuagenarian leader pledged.

He disclosed that he had already held discussion with officials from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal regarding the reoperation of the Palung Airport.


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