Nepal-India border in Rupandehi being sealed for local elections in India

Transit points along the Nepal-India border in Rupandehi are being sealed from this evening in view of Nagar Panchayat municipal elections in Maharajganj district of Utter Pradesh, India.

The Nepal-India Belahiya point and others are to remain closed from 6:00 pm today in view of the local elections in neighbouring India taking place on May 4. The transit points will be sealed 48 hours after the elections and it will continue till 6:00 pm on May 4, according to the District Administration Office, Rupandehi.

Rupandehi’s Assistant Chief District Officer and Information Officer, Ramchandra Aryal said the decision to close the border for the election period was taken on mutual consent bearing in mind the sensitivity of the election. The border shall remain closed until the voting concludes.

However, essential services including ambulances, and vehicles carrying wedding parties would be allowed to cross the border during the period the border is sealed off, in coordination between the security bodies of both countries, it is said.


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