Nepal Television should be more professional, competitive: Minister Sharma

Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the Nepal Television should make itself more professional and competitive.

At a programme organised on the occasion of 38th anniversary of the Nepal Television today, Minister Sharma opined that the Nepal Television should establish itself an outstanding media among the crowd of televisions. “The Nepal Television has challenges to make itself more professional and competitive among the crowd of televisions in and out of the country by fulfilling necessity of Nepali society and expectation of general people”, she observed.

Also the Spokesperson of the government, she mentioned that it was necessary to develop professional thinking, utilizing and monitoring human resources as well as increasing trade income for the same. Minister Sharma expressed the belief that the state-owned television would further expand and improve its content, presentation and technology, thereby contributing to federal democratic republic, and promoting national welfare, constitutional supremacy, rule of law, diversity and establishment of social justice.

She also reminded that the Nepal Television had been bringing to light the positive initiatives of the state by creating public awareness and raising the voices of all classes and areas including country’s art, literature, culture and social inclusion.

Moreover, Nepal Television has special position in country’s television and broadcasting journalism, the Communications Minister opined, “The Nepal Television has played crucial role as a national broadcaster during significant incidents and crisis. It has also helped to institutionalize political changes, Sharma commented.

Minister Sharma expressed the belief that all staffs would be honest and committed for the well-being of the organisation, adding the Ministry was always positive for the capacity development, service, facilities and promotion of the staffs.

On the occasion, Minister Sharma presented trophy, shield and certificates to winners of different programmes held on the occasion of the anniversary.


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